Why to endorse Donald Trump

I wish to publish now, just before November 8, my endorsement for mr. Donald Trump. It is just a moral endorsement, not anything else, as I am an Italian citizen and I am not entitled to vote in U.S. Moreover, this is not an enthusiastic endorsement, just the opposite, it is just a comparative endorsement compared to the other candidate to the Presidency, mrs. Hillary Clinton.

U.S. voters had the opportunity of a wonderful candidate, mr. Bernie Sanders. He did not succeed over mrs. Clinton in the primaries, I don’t know why, really. Many American friends are saying that the primary elections were rigged. This would be very bad but I don’t know whether this is true or not. Due to my respect for the so called American democracy (in fact an oligarchy) I must assume that it is not true and therefore I have also to assume that American people trusted more in a person in odour of corruption and cynism rather than in another one whose historical records are much more transparent and whose main program was to reduce the excessive difference in the income of the American citizen.

Once Bernie Sanders had to step down, only mr. Trump and mrs. Clinton stayed in the competition for Presidency. Mr. Trump is said and partly also shown to be a sexist man and a one inclined to unfaithfulness toward a partner while mrs. Clinton has been said and also shown to be a very much corrupt person and also to speak as a cynic warmonger. Should she be elected, she may possibly do something good on social and climatic issues but on the other hand she could force all of us to become allies of Islamic terrorists and enemies of Russia, a good neighbour of us who just did good things to Italy and Europe. Mr. Trump may be too ignorant to understand climatic issues but he is smart enough to hope and promise to find an agreement with Vladimir Putin both on Syrian and on Ukrainan issues, after all two important issues on which the U.S. should not be involved at all, not more than me in the US elections.

What should I think? Should I prefer a lady in odour of criminality and warmongery  to a man who, although does not understand climatic issues, promises to fight terrorism and avoid war with Russia? In Europe we have got corrupt governments that are forcing us to stay in the NATO, a dangerous gang that, in the last quarter of century, is emulating Adolf Hitler in starting wars with false reasons (see Jugoslavia, Irak, Lybia and Syria) and pretending to increase to a very dangerous point its unnecessary tension with Russia.

My dear American friends, I am sorry to say to you that our friendship and our normal relations with Russia are for most Europeans much more important than American social issues and even climatic issues. We may more easily survive to a climatic shock rather than a nuclear war and those of us who fully understand  the present international situation, those who are strongly against the permanence of your military anti-Russian bases in Europe, don’t want to continue to take part to an alliance that takes away our money to bully our Russian friends and to feed and protect the same fanatic fighters that are killing with no reasons our people.

Renato Massa


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